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Clapton acquired this guitar presumably sometime in 1967, likely purchasing it himself. He also used it live mostly just in 1999 for the song “Around the World”.It first appeared at Cream’s debut US concert on March 25th 1967 at the RKO theater on 58th Street, Manhattan, New York. This is without a doubt Jeff’s most known guitar, but a little less known fact is that the guitar didn’t actually belong to him but to Janine Nichols, Arts at St.Ground Guitar is project made with the intent to eventually feature all the major guitarists from the last and the current century.We list guitars, amps, effect, and acessories used by each guitarist, and unveil some of the stories hidden behind them, approaching each list from chronological standpoint.

1960s advertising for the Jaguar often had beach themes, underscoring the guitar's appeal to surf musicians.I've played this guitar Live numerous times and it's traveled in the back of a packed bus, a small Sante Fe, my Jeep, and others, and it still looks and sounds great.I have used this guitar in gigs with and without backups, I haven't ever doubted this guitar, and I still don't.The finish is beautiful (I have the Olympic White) and strong.The strap buttons are sturdy and fit all of the straps I have used. The hardware seems like it will last, but it smudges easily (like the back of a new i Pod), this seems to be the only problem. The body is made of Alder and it has a "C" shaped Maple neck.

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I play anywhere from blues, jazz, indie, rock, and hard rock, and even some worship. This guitar's many options for different, yet solid and great sounding tones are a main reason why I bought it.

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