Intimidating cars

As the record holder for largest production pickup, this beast costs as much as 0 grand and boasts a whopping 6K pound towing capacity.

While some of the other cars flagrantly display their angry expressions, the Challenger appears more devious with a stone-cold death stare.Meanwhile, its sleek headlights that get thinner as they sweep back over the flared front fenders give the illusion of evil eyes. It’s too tough to even crack a grin, as the front grille’s straight and rectangular design almost makes the supercar look like it’s baring its teeth.Slanted headlights make it look extra vicious, especially since they’re spaced far apart and elevated on bulging wheel arches.Rolls-Royce likes to claim that this car offers state-of-the-art technology blended with timeless elegance.Buying a car is intimidating and sexist because showrooms are “misogynistic” environments “stuck in the dark ages”, according to a survey.

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