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To begin with, Robin was born in the family of a homemaker and a steelworker, during which she confesses to having suffered sexual abuse.After graduating from high school, she studied at the University of Maryland where she earned a degree in nursing.At first she worked as a nurse at the Maryland Shock Trauma facility, however, she felt that she could be more useful and entered United States Air Force in 1975, achieving captain’s rank in three years.She was on active duty until 1978, and in the USA Air Force Reserve until 1990.Howard and Robin talked about how great Rich was when he would appear on The Tonight Show years ago.Rich then came in and spoke to Howard about his life.Listenership skyrocketed after her controversial firing from co-hosting The Adam Carolla Show podcast. They're playing ''Howard Stern's Impressions Week'' to fill in.

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When Jim last appeared on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend in May of 2013 he was recently married and talked about the joy of finally finding himself in a healthy relationship after always going for the wrong kind of woman—the kind of woman he would have to “save.”But that’s all changed. He describes the heartbreaking details of what it feels like to have to split custody of his 4-year-old son.“When you have a kid at home, and he wakes up and he jumps on you, saying, ‘Dad! ()”Jim expressed to Alison the level of commitment he felt as a father and husband.“I didn’t want [my son] to grow up in a broken home (). ()”Trainwreck is coming to theaters nationwide July 17, and keep an eye out for Jim’s comedy special, called A Simple Man, which will likely be released nearing the fall season of 2015.

That’s this generation, everybody gets divorced, and nobody has a problem with it. Also discussed in this episode: Being brought to court over a prank phone call ()Making a living as an adult performing prank phone calls ()Being nearly molested when he was fourteen years old ()Dating Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers ()His 4 year old son who plays the drums, writes music, and has a band named Cut Your Blood ()His take on the Anthony Cumia (Opie and Anthony Radio Show) Twitter drama ()Clip: Full Episode: Rosen Is Your New Best Friend Podcast is released on Mondays and Thursdays. ARIYNBF is the top-rated female comedy podcast on i Tunes.

LOS ANGELES - July 6, 2015 - PRLog -- Comedian Jim Florentine’s career has been flourishing of late, having recently appeared on the Season 5 finale episode of the critically-acclaimed TV series Louis and playing a role in the new, highly-anticipated comedy film Trainwreck directed by Judd Apatow and starring Amy Schumer.

Jim (The Howard Stern Show, Crank Yankers) talks with comedian and journalist Alison Rosen on this week’s Monday (July 6, 2015) episode of the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast. () I did a movie a few years back called A Little Help and [the writer] said, ‘When I was writing this part for this guy to be a jerk and have a one night stand with Jenna Fischer I only thought of you for the role.

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