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Total users will pass the 100 million mark before mid-2017, and the 150 million point by the end of the year, says the research firm.

Many singles chat with multiple people, taking their time to decide who to meet and who not to. Says Alan, a 19-year-old from Queens, New York who found love through his cell phone, "I'm generally shy with girls and find it hard to go ahead and chat them up. I signed up for a dating offer and exchanged messages with eleven girls, eventually met three of them and am not dating Sue, who I met through this service." It's not only the shy but also the busy professionals who've taken to SMS dating.

Mobile phone dating has been catching on, over the last few years.

Hundreds of millions of users own mobile phones worldwide.

They expect to fully launch livestreaming video on Tagged and Skout by the end of this quarter.

The Meet Group will also launch new banner and native advertising units within the video experience and gifting inside of video.

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"We expect 2017 to be the biggest year for console-based VR revenue growth, as there are several units coming into the market which are not feeling the impact of price competition," Juniper said.

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