Maria menounos dating 2016

In August 2016, Menounos revealed that her mom, Litsa, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer.

Undergaro and Menounos put everything on hold to be there for Litsa and to take care of her as she underwent surgery and treatment. Undergaro proposed with an impressive bauble created by jewelry designer Jean Dousset.

At this time, Litsa’s cancer is said to be “stable.” This past February, Menounos learned that she had a brain tumor and needed surgery. “[Keven] and I first spoke on the phone and I consulted on what I thought Maria’s ring should be (about her! We then met to begin the design process, [which took] one month total.

Undergaro stayed by her side through it all and continues to be the rock in her life. A post shared by maria menounos (@mariamenounos) on “Although I said that this isn’t a proposal I want to ask you something, Maria. ” Undergaro asked while down on one knee holding a ring box. We had a limited amount of time and worked together closely to create the perfect ring for Maria,” Dousset previously told People Style.

Through her many years on the Stern Show, Maria has talked about how she got her hot body, her high-profile job, and her thriving online network "After Buzz TV." But it's her long-time partner Keven Undergaro that likes to come in and tell Howard all about what's going on in their bedroom, leaving Maria shocked, embarrassed, and praying that her parents aren't listening.

Maria Menounos is engaged to her longtime boyfriend and business partner, Keven Undergaro. News host, 37, during her interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, March 9, and popped the question.

"Although I said that this isn't a proposal I want to ask you something, Maria," Undergaro said while getting down on one knee. " cohost’s Greek Orthodox family temporarily disowned her when she first started dating Undergaro in 1998.

On Monday, July 3, she announced that she would be leaving E! Undergaro has remained by her side through the bad and the good times. You never left the hospital and slept by my side there. You and dad have really been incredible to mom and me. Here is what you need to know: Undergaro has been nothing but supportive of his fiancee over the past two decades.

Aside from the normal ups and downs that every relationship goes through, Undergaro and Menounos have been forced to deal with other unforeseen circumstances that has not only tried the strength of their relationship, but brought them closer together.

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