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That fascinating patchwork of fanciful letters stuck to a transparent something that Mary Katrantzou has sent to the NYCB costume shop; what will hold them together on a sleek, endlessly elastic body?

Yes, Andrew Veyette is going to need to lift his arms in a way that designer Thom Browne would probably have to take his own jacket off to attempt.

You perform maybe six or seven ballets in a season.

They try you out to see if you can take on the challenge, if you can take on the schedule, and if you fit in the company.

Sometimes you want to feel something -- sweet, cruel, fresh, haunting, anything -- just to know that you're alive.

Brandstrup won't offer that kind of narrative; as a former film student at the University of Copenhagen, he's more invested in a story's intrigue than its subtext. But on a program beside the season's other commissions by Myles Thatcher, Robert Binet, Troy Schumacher and Justin Peck, the action seems drained, almost exhausted.

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