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All you have to do is to puchase 3D City software, and we will install it for you seamlessly. Development start date: 02.2006 Development end date: new versions appear every 3 months more features Business Space a powerful community software to be used for business purposes, creating companies' communities, groups, looking for jobs, etc.

Development start date: 12.2007 Development end date: new versions appear every 3 months Pony Space is a powerful dating or community software to be used on any PDA device or communicator like i Phone, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

This model can be enriched with additional layers (such as orthophotomaps, topographic maps, historical maps) and a range of special effects and functionality – the analysis of shading, lighting or visibility from the selected points.

Estimation of the solar irradiation of buildings for a specific date and time.This game use simulation source micropolis JS by Graememcc https://github.com/graememcc/micropolis JS. Licensed under the GPLv3 with some additional terms please be mindful of these.I have remove all thirdparty library, compact the code and push game simulation in a web worker.It is a more My Space-flavoured script, with community layout and video sharing module.If you want to start a community or a social network, this software is ideal for you.

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